Lamborghini Sixth Element Teaser Photo 6

29 09 2010

Finally, the end of the Sixth Element photos...I hope

Once again, I believe, this is the final teaser image Lamborghini will be giving out. What makes me think so, along with a load of others?

The car’s name. It’s called the Lamborghini Sixth Element, or Sesto Elemento Italian for Sixth Element, which represents the sixth element in our periodic table of the elements.

You notice this is #6. Carbon. This will represent the main car, carbon, Sesto Elemento.

Well Lamborghini clearly has done a good job on this. Just time we await the final release of the car, which shows in my previous post.


Source: Lamborghini

Lamborghini Sixth Element Leaked

29 09 2010

Finally! Over the last few days Lamborghini has been coming out with some concept has finally been LEAKED that the car we are to expect is the one below, the Lamborghini Sixth Element or, Sesto Elemento, Italian for Sixth Element.

Low resoultion photo, all they could give us.

With a weight of 2202 lbs (999 kg), it is powered by a V10 engine, as previously said in teaser number 2, and hits 62mph (0 to 100 km/h) in 2.5 seconds and can go up a outrageous speed of 217.5 mph (350 km/h).

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Source: World Car Fans

Concept Photo 5 Released

28 09 2010

Finally, the fifth concept photo was released…prime to the release expecting some guesses, none have some good guesses of what this could be. One of the car commentators via World Car Fans said,

No.5 is photo from the rear drivers seat, and the red steering wheel. No.3 is the front dashboard with the red steering wheel. No.2 is the engine cover. No.1 is the double vents to the engine

We’ll have to see, he’s got a good guess on them.

Well, it’s only 3 day’s until the auto show, results are expected then. Don’t forget to subscribe.


Lamborghini Jota Teaser Photo Released

2 06 2010

Lamborghini has issued a teaser image, for the upcoming Murcielago replacement. Likely to go by the name Jota, the new Lambo will be unveiled at a VIP presentation in July, and then make a general public appearance at the 2010 Paris Motor Show in September, they say.

Styling is set to remain Lamborghini, with sharp exotic lines similar to the Lamborghini Reventon. Some say the Jota, following the Gallardo, will loose its traditional Lambo scissor doors…. Not the best move, Lamborghini.

The new Lamborghini should be priced in the same range as the LP 640.


Lamborghini Picture of the Day (4/21/10)

21 04 2010

Today’s pic…

Lamborghini Murcielago Versace. This is a 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Versace Edition at the 2006 Paris Auto show. Comment what you think. New video and article coming up later today! Stay tuned for more Lamborghini, news, pics, and videos.