Modified Lamborghini Aventador (8.18.11)

18 08 2011

Today’s picture…

Lamborghini Aventador Prototype

This isn’t any other Aventador. Shown, is the super *secret* Lamborghini Aventador prototype. Apart from the classic Aventador, this model has special wheels, which some sources say is the next step into making it into a Veyron replacement. We’ll be getting coverage on this model once more specs have been released.


Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo (8.17.11)

17 08 2011

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Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo

Lamborghini’s brand new Gallardo Super Trofeo edition shook the world as rumors started occurring about it. Sources say it will sport a new 570 horsepower 5.2-liter V-10 engine, six-speed e-gear transmission, all-wheel drive configuration, racing suspension, and to top it all off, it’ll shed 220 lbs.

Knowing that this is a racing car, only 30 models will be made.

It is not yet released how much money it will cost but speculations say it will cost $250,000 upwards.

Lamborghini Picture of the Day (2.8.11)

8 02 2011

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t been on this blog for quite a while. I do understand that I was unable to continue even though I noted that in the last post. This time, I will try my best to focus my energy on this blog after all the breaks I have taken. I’m going to start catching up with all the news…

Here’s a special Lamborghini to put out today’s picture of the day…

Lamborghini Gallardo Invidia

This absolutely beautiful Gallardo is the Gallardo Invidia – which was tuned by Amari Supercars, one of United Kingdom’s largest pre-owned supercar dealers, which now has a branch in the tuning/lifestyle with Amari Design.

Under the hood power output for the 5.0-liter V10 is increased from the standard 513 bhp up to a massive 740 bhp.  Yet no details are given on the performance upgrade, Amari Design says that all engine tuning is performed  by their own Amari Service garage by master technician John Greatorex who has earned his title by Amari who states is in the UK’s top 5 supercar mechanics.

Development for the first prototype and is expected to be launched end of April this year.

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Lamborghini Sixth Element Concept Officially Unveiled

30 09 2010

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Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for…after 6 teaser images and one leaked image, we have finally come to a point where we have good photos of the brand new Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, or Sixth Element.

At just 999kg (2,202 lbs), the brand new Lamborghini features 0-62 mph takes only 2.5 seconds and top speed is well above 186 mph – reported as 217.5 mph.

Lamborghini claims to be the worldwide leader in carbon-fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) technology and with the radical extreme lightweight concept as its proof.  In the press conference Lamborghini states they are, “the only vehicle manufacturer in the world to have mastered the complete CFRP process across a range of technologies, from 3D design through simulation, validation, production and testing – all in a state-of-the-art industrial process that stands for the very highest quality standards.”  The result, “an unbelievable degree of driving fun, concentrated on absolutely sensational dynamics.”

The carbon fiber body not only has the monocoque cell but also to the front frame structure, exterior panels and crash boxes.  Elsewhere, carbon fiber is used in major suspension components, wheels and the drive shaft.  Materials such as Pyrosic, which is an advanced glass-ceramic matrix composite, is used in the tailpipes.

They say the Sixth Element uses triangles as the theme of the car, as you might see diamond cut headlamps, deep openings in the hood, door handles, side panel openings and mirror stalks.

See we’ve got just pure greatness in this car. Waiting until the reviews come in…

Lamborghini Sixth Element Leaked

29 09 2010

Finally! Over the last few days Lamborghini has been coming out with some concept has finally been LEAKED that the car we are to expect is the one below, the Lamborghini Sixth Element or, Sesto Elemento, Italian for Sixth Element.

Low resoultion photo, all they could give us.

With a weight of 2202 lbs (999 kg), it is powered by a V10 engine, as previously said in teaser number 2, and hits 62mph (0 to 100 km/h) in 2.5 seconds and can go up a outrageous speed of 217.5 mph (350 km/h).

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Source: World Car Fans

Concept Photo 5 Released

28 09 2010

Finally, the fifth concept photo was released…prime to the release expecting some guesses, none have some good guesses of what this could be. One of the car commentators via World Car Fans said,

No.5 is photo from the rear drivers seat, and the red steering wheel. No.3 is the front dashboard with the red steering wheel. No.2 is the engine cover. No.1 is the double vents to the engine

We’ll have to see, he’s got a good guess on them.

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Lamborghini Picture of the Day (8.4.10)

4 08 2010

Today’s pic…

Lamborghini Madura. This is the 2016 hybrid Lamborghini Madura Concept featuring as you might know, hybrid details for the car itself.

The Lamborhghini Madura was first made by a student at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, who created this futuristic Lamborghini design concept.