Catching up on the 4 new teasers…

27 09 2010

Lamborghini has over the course of the last two weeks given out 4 photos of the brand new Lamborghini Concept which might debut for the Paris Auto Show from October 1st to the 17th.

According to Nitrobahn, they believe it’s the Estoque and according to Motortrend, it’s a Murcielago; the facts will show once the time comes. I highly doubt this is the Jota, for you readers who assume so, full photos of it have been leaked over the internet that I believe Lamborghini has found out about which makes me feel they won’t really care to give these photos out.

Slight controversy to Nitrobahn, though. If you look at the back lights of the photos below and compare it to the Estoque’s, this seems more like a Murcielago or Jota type of headlights…

As going back to the Lamborghini Murcielago, if they really take this car to the auto show, I’m positive they’ll add some nice tweaks to the weight aswell as he said, “Speed is not as important anymore,” Winkelman wrote. “We think it is time to make a shift and talk more about handling and acceleration. The key factor in terms of better handling and acceleration, meaning more immediate pleasure in driving, is the power-to-weight ratio.” What to acknowledge from that, this is definitely going to be a nice ride.

Lamborghini Concept

We can see, this look's like a Murcielago back lamp. Have to assume this is what we are expecting or this is going to be whack

Lamborghini Concept Teaser

Motor Trend along with other reliable sources believe this is the engine cover of the car. Can't really make out something else then that.

Have to agree somewhere this is part of the interior in the Lamborghini, maybe the dashboard?

This is what I believe is a carbon fiber intake or part of the interior. Can't be sure just yet.

It’s only 4 days until the results are in and we see the resurrection it, patience. What do you think? Might be a Murcielago successor? Leave your comment below. Make sure you remember to subscribe for the full Lamborghini coverage at the Paris Auto Show.




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