Lamborghini Madura: Lamborghini’s Hybrid

4 02 2010

Munich University of Applied Scientists is hosting an event called the Lamborghini Raw Materials Project for automotive design and engineering. One student, Slavche Tanevsky has come up with the Lamborghini Madura (pictured), a proposal for the first hybrid Lamborghini scheduled for 2016. Named the Madura (named after an Indonesian island famous for its bull races), the concept was created together with Lamborghini and Audi designers.

While it’s vaguely reminiscent of the Reventon and the Estoque concept, the whole design of the Madura is sleeker, more focused, and more aggressive. Up front, the Madura features slim headlights, huge air intakes, and a very curved hood. Out in the back, the front-mounted hybrid powertrain allowed Tanevsky to create a unique appearance on this Lamborghini.

The car, if chosen, would start production 2016. Comment what you think. Stay TuNeD for more Lamborghini news, pics, and videos.


Source: GoodCleanTech




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