Lamborghini’s New 2011 Secret Model Caught

7 01 2010

Lamborghini has been working on a new model and they have been keeping very quiet about it. Many have been trying to predict what the new model will look like if made. Some believe that it will be called the “Jota”. It is possible that they are creating an exclusive model of this car to try to bring back the old name, Jota. The Jota has a body shape much like the Murcie. The supercar will be made of light-weight carbon fiber bodywork except on the roof and doors. The picture shown is part of the Lamborghini Jota in the Nurburgring track in Nurburg, Germany.Lamborghini Jota

Lamborghini has plans to debut this new supercar as a 2011 model.




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25 02 2010
4000th Lamborghini Murcielago Made « Lambo Fan

[…] As some might know, the Murcielago shall maybe stop production some time soon and will be replaced by the Lamborghini Jota. […]

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