Lamborghini and Car Related Podcasts….

18 08 2009

Everyone with an iPod get ready to use up some of the memory because I have some awesome podcasts coming up…  FLD is one of the best all-cars type of podcast, with an awesome twist of humor involved. The World of Lamborghini is just a bunch of videos about Lamborghini, behind the scenes, making of the cars and all that stuff. 29Motoguide is all types of cars, mostly about sporty cars. Out of all three I recommend FLD.

  1. Fast Lane Daily*
  2. The World of Lamborghini*
  3. 29Motoguide*

These are what I recommend, but I don’t know what you recommend. Comment in the comment box about your favorite

* All of them need an iPod Nano 3rd or 4th gen, iPod Classic, or iPod Touch. I recommend iTouch!



One response

21 08 2009

I like FLD out of all 3..

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