Lamborghini Website VS Ferrari Website. Which one?

17 08 2009

I was looking at Ferrari’s website and it looks like Ferrari’s website is wayy better than Lamborghini’s! No offense but its true! Lamborghini’s uses Flashwave and Ferrari’s uses mostly just the basic web design. You can look at the design of there website if you first go to the Lamborghini’s website or Ferrari’s, then click on ‘Page’ at the top right. After you do that press ‘View Source’. Once you press on it, it will open Notepad and you can see the program. Open both Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s and you can compare the two programs. I don’t know if its the same with Mac. The really big con on Ferrari’s website is that it is really slowwwwww. Check out thier websites!!! Comment what you think about the websites! Stay tuned for more Lamborghini news and pics!!!!




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