Founding of Lamborghini

6 06 2009

For all the people who don’t know the history of Lamborghini, this is the perfect page for you. Lamborghini was founded at 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini. Before Ferruccio opened his car business, he was a wealthy manufacturer of air conditioning machines and tractors. He got interested in making these beautiful super-cars because he owned a Ferrari 250GT. After a while, the transmission of his Ferrari was not properly working, so he decided to visit the Ferrari factory. When he got to the Ferrari factory he met Enzo Ferrari to discuss the problem, all Enzo did was ignore Ferruccio because in his words he was ‘ to low to rate Ferraris’. Because of that, he opened his buisness later the same year. And thats the story of how Lamborghini is the leading company in sport super cars.




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